🔴 Read before commenting.

We DID NOT put him back on the street.

You can see his new home in the background, at the beginning and at the end of the video.

Lady who adopted him didn’t want to be recorded, but trust me, she met him with food and a huge smile.

Sorry for not being enough clear in the video.

Some comment:

I love how ridiculously calm he is.  Like he knew he was being helped.  What a good boy.  Dogs are all love and no dog deserves to suffer. He must feel amazing!!! Thank you so much for doing this 💕

Oh my goodness!What patience and gratitude  he shows just by his behavior. Thank you for your obvious love of animals . The world needs more just like you.

It’s amazing, how calm and patient the dog was while trimming the excess hair. After care, it turned out that the dog is very beautiful and has a pleasant character. I would just adopt him…

By Tanny