Angela Rodda, a resident of Brisbane, Australia, decided to adopt an orphaned kangaroo cub after it was left without a family. The one-year-old Eastern Gray kangaroo, named Trevor, now accompanies Rodda on her various excursions and is a beloved member of the family.

Despite being raised by a human family, Trevor displays dog-like behavior, which has endeared him to his owners and made him a popular attraction on social media. In a video shared by Rodda, Trevor is seen looking out of a car window and enjoying the wind blowing through his snout. He is also very affectionate and loves to cuddle with his human family.

Trevor is about two meters high and lives with about 60 cattle, several horses, a couple of cats, and a not-so-cute-looking dog. He is a charismatic and fun-loving kangaroo, who loves to travel, swim, and even go horseback riding.

Rodda said Trevor only gets in the car if they call him by name, and he is not fenced in any way, which means he has the freedom to move around as he pleases. However, as he grows older, Trevor’s size will limit his ability to do many of the things he loves, such as sitting in someone’s arms or fitting into a car. In the future, the family may have to consider a new car that is large enough to accommodate the growing kangaroo.

For now, Trevor is happy and healthy, and the family enjoys spending time with him. Although he may be a little different from other kangaroos, his dog-like behavior has made him a beloved member of the family and a viral sensation on the internet

By Tanny

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