Mexico Honors ‘Heroic’ Rescue Dog That Died in Turkey Searching for Earthquake Survivors


Mexico has paid tribute to a brave rescue dog named Proteo, that died while searching for survivors buried beneath the rubble of the earthquakes in Turkey. The German Shepherd was one of more than a dozen rescue dogs deployed by Mexico to assist in the disaster response efforts.

The news of Proteo’s death was announced by Defense Minister Luis Cresencio Sandoval during a daily press conference. The military later paid tribute to the canine on Twitter, saying “You accomplished your mission… thank you for your heroic work.”

In addition to sending rescue dogs, Mexico also deployed 130 military personnel to assist in the clean-up efforts following the earthquake.

Proteo was remembered by many of the rescuers who served alongside him. “You were always a strong, hard-working dog who never gave up. I will always remember you,” said one rescuer. The heroic canine will always be remembered for his selfless service and ultimate sacrifice.

Update about the deadly earthquake in Turkey and Syria

The recent earthquakes in Turkey and Syria have resulted in a tragic death toll of over 41,000 people. The 7.8 magnitude quake caused extensive damage to buildings and vital infrastructure, leaving countless people homeless and without basic necessities.

Despite ongoing search and rescue efforts, many survivors have succumbed to dehydration and the harsh winter conditions. While successful rescues are becoming less frequent, there have been a few moments of hope and celebration. On Tuesday, nine people were pulled from the rubble, and on Monday, a young girl was rescued after being trapped for 178 hours.

The situation remains dire, and aid efforts are urgently needed to help those affected by this catastrophic event.

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