Move over, Lassie, there’s a new hero in town! This story’s got everything: drama, suspense, and a heartwarming ending that’ll make you want to adopt a fox ASAP.

It all went down in Arlington, where a family woke up to some strange noises coming from their garden. After some snooping around, they discovered a tiny, helpless fox cub all by itself. Cue the tears!

But this was no ordinary family – they knew exactly what to do. They called up the Arlington Animal Protection League faster than you can say “sly like a fox,” and the team sprang into action.

Now, here’s where things get interesting. The little fox was doing just fine, but the humans knew that a baby crying in a garden was no place for a wild animal. So they came up with a plan: they’d leave the cub in a basket and see if Mama Fox would come to the rescue.

And guess what? She did! That’s right, the brave mama fox came running to save her baby, and the world breathed a collective sigh of relief.

The heartwarming story quickly went viral, with animal lovers everywhere celebrating this epic rescue mission. Who says foxes can’t be heroes?

By Tanny

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