Bella, a beloved Rottweiler, suffered a torn cruciate ligament and was sent to the Humane Society of Chittenden County for medical attention. Her owners could not afford the costly surgery and made the tough decision to relinquish her to the shelter. Bella’s injury made it hard for her to walk without pain, but the shelter staff were determined to help her recover.

Fortunately, a local veterinarian offered to perform the surgery for free, allowing Bella to receive the care she needed. The shelter staff also made the decision to find Bella a new, loving family to take care of her.

Jenn, a woman who had lost her own Rottweiler two years ago, came across an ad about a Rottweiler that looked like her own. She couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw the photo, recognizing her beloved pet. She immediately reached out to the shelter to confirm the dog’s identity.

When Jenn arrived at the shelter, Bella’s reaction confirmed what they both had hoped for: the dog recognized her immediately. The staff at the shelter were ecstatic to see the happy reunion, a heartwarming end to Bella’s journey. After a successful surgery and a two-year separation, Bella was finally reunited with her loving owner.

By Tanny

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