Let me tell you all about it! So, in India, people can be pretty tough on monkey mums. They’ll go to great lengths to protect their crops, and if that means hurting the little monkeys and their mums, then so be it. Sad, but true.

Our story starts when a monkey was left alone, with no mum to take care of him. It was a pretty sad situation because the little guy couldn’t fend for himself yet. Luckily, a dog with a heart of gold came along. This pooch had no home, but she had plenty of love to give.

The monkey was so grateful, and the two quickly became inseparable. They shared food, played, and roamed the streets together. Photographer Prakash Badal captured some amazing scenes of them bonding in Himachal Pradesh.

Now, we all know that dogs and monkeys aren’t exactly besties. They’re usually bickering or fighting, but not this time. The dog and the monkey became the most unlikely duo, and it’s so touching to see the love and care that this dog gave to the little macaque.

The dog even let the monkey stay with her when she was pregnant with her own puppies! Can you imagine that? A monkey and a litter of pups all living together! Who knew they could coexist so peacefully?

The monkey was so lucky to have found such an amazing friend. And even though we don’t know how the dog and her pups will get along with the little monkey once they’re born, for now, we know that the monkey owes everything to the dog.

We love to see such an unlikely friendship, and it’s a reminder that love knows no boundaries or species. It’s amazing how one little dog’s kindness can make such a huge difference in one little monkey’s life. Who said dogs and monkeys can’t be friends? They’re paw-some together!

By Tanny

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